November 25 ,  2020

SOFIVA Genomics Launches New Products

SOFIVA Genomics, a leading brand in genetic testing, held its institutional investor conference on November 25. CEO Yi-Ning Su announced, “Although the pandemic has affected performance in the first three quarters, our drive for research and development has never been stronger. Not only did we launch four new products this year alone, we’ve also seen contrarian growth in Japan. We already have two distributors placing steady orders in Japan and several others currently in negotiations. We are highly optimistic about our expansion overseas.”

2020 Sees the Launch of Four New Products, Overcoming the Ten-week Screening Restriction

SOFIVA CEO Yi-Ning Su asserted, “This year, we honed our research and development energy into screening technologies and products. We improved on one existing product and launched four new ones, far exceeding our annual objective of one improvement and one new launch. In addition to the launch of SOFIVA Baby Scan and SOFIVA Cancer Risk earlier this year, we expect our Non-Invasive Preimplantation Genetic Screening(niPGS) and Non-Invasive Abortus Screening(NIAS) to be market available by January 2021.”

SOFIVA General Manager Chia-Cheng Hung supplemented, “A major technological breakthrough in our Non-Invasive Abortus Screening is overcoming the gestational restriction of ten weeks. Now, we can help mothers concerned with involuntary miscarriage identify miscarriage factors early by simply taking a blood sample. Also through blood sampling, SOFIVA Cancer Risk helps doctors gain a more accurate understanding of the efficacy of the treatment provided to their patients. These breakthroughs expand the scope of SOFIVA’s operations.”

SOFIVA Receives the MOEA Rising Star Award for Its Continuous Expansion Efforts

On SOFIVA’s overseas operations, Chia-Cheng Hung expressed, “Our recent overseas efforts have been recognized with the Rising Star Award presented by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs. We’ve had to make some adjustments in response to this year’s pandemic. Nonetheless, we’ve seen stable development in Thailand and an uptick in performance in Japan. We remain optimistic about our overseas development.”

SOFIVA Invests in Dianthus Medical Group and Seeks IPO Within Three Years

To fuel development and industry chain integration, SOFIVA’s investment company, Dianthus Medical Group, is seeking IPO in the next three years. CEO Yi-Ning Su asserted, “Investing in Dianthus Medical Group will help us more accurately pinpoint market conditions. Dianthus Medical Group will help our expansion and development efforts once it goes public.